Saturday, June 30, 2007

It is the end of June and yet again time for my monthly blog. I will start with the most important news first. My host mom Lily had a baby yesterday. She asked me to stay overnight with and the babya nd her, which I gladly accepted, very honored that she asked me. However right now I am exhausted. I was completely unaware of how much babys suck. They are like little puppies except not fun. I was up all night consoling it when it was crying and changing it´s diapers. At one point I asked the nurse if she could lend me a blanket so I could sleep in the chair for a bit and she refused. I am still pissed. Anyways, sorry mom and dad, you are going to have to depend of Evan and Josh for grandchildren. I read a study in Newsweek that said a couple´s happiness does not actually increase with having children but decreases and increases again when they leave the house. Is that true ..question mark... Is life a lot more fun now that we are gone. I can kind of imagine that it is, alot less stressful at least....question mark...

I found out my community drinks their own pee to replenish vitamins....Times like this make me really happy that multi vitamins are readily accesible in the United States. My host uncle told me I need to start peeing on a towel and then salting it and put it on the forehead of my host sister whenever she is sleeping. Supposedly this cures anger problems..she is very passionate...but it sounds to me that maybe he has an anger problem with her.

The oddest thing happened the other day. I was walking home from school with a student and all of a sudden she shouted Erin Duck!!! we were lying in the middle of the road as a giant swarm of bees raced over our head. I can´t even explain how big it was. It was like something you would see in a Stephen King movie. Anyways the reason was that a man in a moto stole their house and with it there Queen bee. These bees are fascinating creatures and they live and die for their queen. If you guys don´t know anything about then, read up.

There is one transvestite that lives in our community and people some times mistake him for me. He is blond too. At first I was offended, but then they explained to me that he has a hot body, and now I think that it is kind of cool. That is about it for the news of the wierd. I am pumped about this month because it is packed full of vacations, and I did not have one day off last month so this is really exciting. I am going to send blogs with pictures now.


Blogger John H said...

great post Erin...this one probably got read by more peeps than usual, thanks to it being featured on Nashville is Talking!

On the other hand, mothers everywhere are probably not thrilled with your sentiments, but I cherish them, because they are certainly your own.

love, dad

5:28 AM  

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